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Friday, August 29, 2008

marriage preposals

Can I queue my marriage proposal now so I can be first in line?

Dearest B_A_D, I love you so much, that I am asking for your hand in marriage, if indeed McCain manages to win the election in November.

love you!

Journal clippings

oh, Bt how I love you.

I was watching Orgazmo a little while ago and got up to refill my water bottle. When I came back, I found Stink making a move on my dinner and I yelled, "Get your paws out of my asparagus!"

Only two or three of you will get why that's funny.

too cute for words

ppk again

Today 7:00 am

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Re: pictures for making you say: "Word"

Word. And sigged.

It's better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho for the rest of your life- Random picture posted by B_A_D

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Re: give me a recent photo of you that shows me who you are

BAD <3<3<3!
my pictures aren't as cool as yours because they don't have the fancy awesome colour/b&w stuff going on.