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Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -Norman MacEwan

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Steve just was late loggin back on because we went back to go recycle my carboard all the way in the cafe.

He also just yelled after me "HA! I told you that you'd have to use the bathroom!"
I told him about the 4 bottles of water and 3 coffees, he thought I was insane for not having to go yet.

He also just went for lunch and when I told him I wasn't going to be here when he get back he just pointed and said "oh you will be, you'll be here. Don't worry."

What can I say.. I guess I'm easily pleased/amused

Pat also was a sweetie and came to get me after work, so I was leaving after some cool times with Alex, and steve said oh your leaving, well.. GOOD! Hurry it up. I replied with I'll take my sweet time, thank you. He said, good means I can talk to longer.
Also Anthony< 3
Anthony Carey- The meaning of life is simpler than you think. says:
lol, id gladly volunteer (i too get the itch that needs to be scratched) but the aforementioned experience has left me extremely fragile and worried of consequences which i have ignored in the past

Anthony - The meaning of life is simpler than you think. says:
and hey, your the lucky one lol. half the male population is ready to put out as soon as they realize the other is female, let alone yourself

Anthony - The meaning of life is simpler than you think. says:
and even the helper needs help from time to time, so keep that in mind as well

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunshine, lollypops, rainbows..

well ok, not really.
But it's been a good day, nailed an interview with the YAP guy.
Got to girl talk with Jess from work, haven't seen her in a while.
Steve just came in and stuck his toungue out at me, I guess that's a hello, and smiled. Apprently he plans to kill the environment with his pop can tabs.
Ok, so it was a lame joke and not very funny, but it's social contact which is cool.

Scrabble games have mulitplied, Todd and Kcam played their turns, great PPK games going on. Spoke To Chiatroll this morning, played more scrabble goodness.
Lots of ppk smiles, no time to state them all.

haha, steve just walked over saying hey and smiling until I waved him away, cause i'm on a call. Joyce is back so I did my meeting my cancel saves are awesome :D
And I'm going to andrew's place tonight, see the new thing and hang out, which is cool because I haven't seen him in a while.

Steve flipping on the customers, finding out I'm 19 and being surprised as shit. And when I told him to fuck off, I know i'm short, he said I was about Carla's hight.
Not to mention my pile of coffee and chocolate :3

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Small reasons to smile.

I have full work shifts, 8 hours of paid time plus I got full time hours, with breaks and lunches. Random, accidental maybe, but awesome.

John invited himself to the gathering, went to get me water (with ice!) and left early as usual and patted my head as he walked by while I was on the phone.

I also had loads to do on my break, facebooking and all. Katelyn wants to go to sessions, I still have that coffee date with Todd, Andrew's new place to check out and possibly go to because I have later shift). Dos works here now, and came to see me a few days ago, now we may actually get to take lunches!<3

I also had a great mail day, book from pam, care pack from JCD and vegan outreach letters. Plus I have alot more mail things to look forward too :).

Also got a nice comment from tinctoris and lots of nice comments on my picture posts. hehe.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sometimes Bad Bad day's have the nicest moments.

My mother ditched me at work, no way home.
I just had an awful call with an idiot who ordered from another company and yelled at me forever. He was mad when I told him we were two different companies and called me a liar, sorry dude we can't merge companies and become one just cause you'd like it. WE ARE TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES. Fork.
Anyway, someone in the other companies CS messed up and told dickwad to call here. Steve heard me talking about it went on about how it was the other agents messing up again, and then he got right on the phone and called their sup. <3
Justin offered to get off early to drive me home and and Kcam sent me an e-mail to try and go too.
Also lots of joking and kind words going on, don't remeber them all.
but i'm feeling better.
Thanks kids.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Awnsers to a difficult question

Prepboy says:
because they're all insensitive, insecure, cowardly assholes
That really, really made my day.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Old friendships and old habits...

I've got to say, dispite how awful I feel I am still really greatful for the people around me.
In perticular (for this post anyways) Andrew, dispite not really being around much lately true friends are never fully gone.
I love how down I'm feeling and how he knows exactly where to lead me, down the road to redemption of other. He's moving in next week and asking me to help him grocery shop and cook etc. General taking care of someone else things, my perfect medicine.
So thanks andrew.

Also Prepboy and Kcam showed up again last night, watch 10 mins of edward sisor hands so that was cool. He said sweet dreams as he left, and kcam called me a geek for playing my game :P.

P.S. why won't this let me place a title for my post. :grumbles:

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Another peice from work.
Came in today, feeling great.
I've come to determine good days come from good shoes, and I love these shoes.
Sheldon said Morning sexy when I cam in so that also helped to brighten my day...

And oh yeah... I brought Flaun<3

Added from a few days ago: When I was leaving work on monday as I was headed out the door Steve said goodbye and that he'd try to sit closer next time. Not sure why, but that also made me smile.

Also drove to pick up kcam and bring soup to gwyn. Spent some time with Ben, went to his place. Seeing his face when I pulled out Death note was pretty awesome. Also we watched Can't Hardly Wait, which ruled.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I forgot most of today's points.

But FoodPorn and The PPK allways serve to bring smiles.
As do discussions of BDSM.
Also a woman called in and asked to place a suggestion about replacing the milk with soymilk <3
It's been a slow day and tomorow is a holiday which means I get double time in a half. :SMILES:
I'm not such a fan of this blog having a white background as when I type it has a black and well all the colours look better this way.
Also Gwyn called in to work today, which was fun and unexpected. She got me on the first try too, and is picking me up from work!! <3<3<3<3!
Course I don't wanna get fired but this one time was fun.
Also last night I got to Jason before his B-day and hung out with him and Jess which rocked. Superstore has never been so fun/cool. And Silent movie acting!
:dramatic eye bat:
I bought loads of stuff >.<>
Biker Mice From MArs for PS2!!!
And Castlevania the good one!! <3
I love getting to see them again, I also had loads of real person e-mails today (allways happy times)

So thanks 2 :

  • Adam O.
  • Mizzy G
  • Gwyn

Going to the movies tonight, first time in ages. And I really have to find a way to see adam (obviously thats what the e-mail was about) I need some way to vist him/hang out and not be akward or the other thing. Maybe i'll plan something for next week.

Also I noticed alot of stuff on this blog seems really lame/mundane/pathetic but I don't care. Getting and e-mail or a hello or whatever else isn't a big deal, but I started this blog to appreciate all the things within life and my day that make me smile or happy. And alot of those things are litte, try it yourself. You will probobly find small insignificant everyday things happen more often and make you happy, dispite how little they mean to others or how ordinary they are.