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Thursday, December 17, 2009

ppk quote of the day!

Curtesy of Torque:

Are you kidding? Have you seen what the plants look like? They look like they'll slice your jugular and then kick you in the face for fun. (there is a big italian colony nearby that features an artichoke plantation, it looks like what the forking klingons would grow in their gardens.) I'd be afraid too.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

another ppk moments collection

Sass wrote: Fate/mods have just been tempted.

B_A_D wrote: I am perhaps the least tempting person on the boards. I live a wholesomely boring existence that is only occasionally x-rated.

Ijustdiedinside wrote: BAD you are totally not under the radar! i don't know why you don't have a custom one yet, but don't worry, we all know who you are!

me again :years of practice, you must be sure to only say funny/interesting/embarrassing things in unpopular threads that the mods are not reading. It's kind of like stealth posting really.

Realdoll thread:
'H.Dog: Oh, bullshiitake. They have only humans and elves. Where my halfling bisques at?

B_A_D wrote: I still want a halfling druid damn it.

H.Dog : I've heard they're hung like a squirrel, though.

the x-mas stollen thread getting it's yearly bump

Hoveringdog wrote: Yeah, I can't most games more recent than the last five years or so.

B_A_D wrote: I just woke up, but is there a word missing form this sentence?

h.dog :Yes, there's a word missing "form" that sentence. You wanna fight about it?