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Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -Norman MacEwan

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Out on the farm town

Went to diner with the vegan house crew and Jodi/Grant. God they are great. Food was awesome and everything was pretty stellar, the best part had to be Jodi's Fortune "Better to have a hen tomorrow then an egg today" so not vegan. Or when asked what everyone was doing if McCain wins, grant exclaiming/pointing " I'm marrying YOU!!!".

Man, I am excited to hang out with them more.

Friday, August 29, 2008

marriage preposals

Can I queue my marriage proposal now so I can be first in line?

Dearest B_A_D, I love you so much, that I am asking for your hand in marriage, if indeed McCain manages to win the election in November.

love you!

Journal clippings

oh, Bt how I love you.

I was watching Orgazmo a little while ago and got up to refill my water bottle. When I came back, I found Stink making a move on my dinner and I yelled, "Get your paws out of my asparagus!"

Only two or three of you will get why that's funny.

too cute for words

ppk again

Today 7:00 am

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Re: pictures for making you say: "Word"

Word. And sigged.

It's better to have loved and lost than to live with the psycho for the rest of your life- Random picture posted by B_A_D

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Re: give me a recent photo of you that shows me who you are

BAD <3<3<3!
my pictures aren't as cool as yours because they don't have the fancy awesome colour/b&w stuff going on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More PPK heart melts

Today 12:47 am

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Re: Most Diplomatic PPKer

Diplomatically speaking, B_A_D is the prettiest and most special PPK-er.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

ppk heart melty goodness

Saabisu wrote

That one is my favorite. I'll go to the gathering if you'll be there.

This is the kinda shit that melts hearts.

When spring winds blow

The other day Katie and I went on an adventure to superstore. On the way out, we ran into some Amnesty kids and as usual stopped to chat. So the we and the boy were discussing current affairs, past actions and future courses. He kept mentioning how he was running into all these cool people and told us about someone he'd met from Ethiopia. Being Spring in Halifax the sea winds were blowing, I mean really blowing. So much so I was practically falling over. And then I did stumble, not far but I was nearly blown onto my damn face. Katie half caught me and chuckled, some mutual cursing at the wind occurred, said boy continued the discussion without missing a beat and sidestepped out of the relative wind shelter of the trees beside me. Affective executing the wind shield maneuver, with a coy smile and melting just a small piece of my fridge heart.

Seriously, Katie and I melted. There were internal awws and all. Now Blake curses me for not asking for a number, and thoughts of sweet boys in yellow vests make me smile.

In other awesome news, the cute guy in English class smiled at me in the chemistry basement a while ago. He also, had the long stare last Friday.. not sure if it was the dress or not. But man did that feel good (that boy even stares in a heart thumping way). Damn.

Katie and I are hanging out all the time, it rocks. I love this girl. The party at Jeff's was sweet and potluck take over is going well. I love local vegans. Julia, Katie, Mens, Blakes and I all have weekend full of plans. I've cooked for people all week, eaten with friends and Nicholas even asked me to teach him how to make a vegan mini pizza after he said they looked so good. He loved it. Buffy night happened as usual and all is really well.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

more ppk goodness

and why NeedsMoreSalt shares a very special place in my heart:

[quote=Needs More Salt][quote=B_A_D]What does it mean if you invite a vegan guy you met a few weeks ago out for dinner/ice cream on v-day and you wind up sharing food and utensils/ice cream cones?[/quote]
It means that you're a born risk taker with a cavalier disregard for the dangers of cold and flu season.[/quote]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My biology text books defines Embryo as
New developing individual

Monday, January 28, 2008

Those usually skeevy comments you get on the internet

One was kinda nice.. today.. in a skeevy way:
whats up there little miss with the additude ure to cute to hate life ure just around the wrong people u need to just keep in mind how hot u r and let that make u happy

The spelling was still awful and it was mostly superficial, but people notices status updates and taking the time to reply to them kinda makes things a little better i guess?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

yeah, I just quoted myself

(7:54:46 PM) B_A_D: I told myself they are made with ww and tofu.. so their good for me.
(7:54:51 PM) B_A_D: I lie a lot about food.
(7:54:56 PM) B_A_D: it makes my waist line feel better

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the reasons to smile keep coming

#278: Random IMs, which make no sense and come with zero explination
(9:27:42 PM) Adam: you're my most favouritest vegan! and that includes joaquin phoenix! though, admitedly, i don't like him. fine, that includes kristen bell!

Things that make the ticking worth it

  • My new place and having a kitchen.
  • New roommates who are sweet as pie (and old ones that were awesome too)9
  • French exchange students who see sunshine through rain and love Joanna's Vegan sauce.
  • Accidentally walking in on another french exchange guy sans pants (Not in the way that sounds, but in the joking about it later/smiles kinda way).
  • Happy french exchange student who acts like a small child on x-mas when you see him and allow him to use your camera.

photos taken while happy-go-frenchy plays with your camera

  • Nooch! and finally having some.

Finally opening old x-mas gifts (Kitchen Gizmos!)

  • And when everything FITS in the lunch box.

  • Being Outed as a vegan via cook book titles, and having it not matter.
  • Discussing AR, Veganism with a roommate who asks to borrow a documentary on the subject ^-^
  • Physics labs with the old group (minus one) and having Edgar tell me he was mad at me for not being in his bio lab. "So I was sitting there going all oh sweet, Amanda is going to be here awesome. I'll get to hang with her cause I haven't hung with her for a while, like since before break. And woah, wait no Amanda just a bench full of STRANGERS. I am so mad at you, changing your lab time. Shame"
  • Possibly having him to change to my lab.
  • Oh and seeing Khalid again who is hilarious as always
  • Edgar yelling "oh BAM what did I tell you, did you fail? no! Ha! Bam, I was right. :high five:.
  • And both gasping at my not-living on campus/shock until I told them I lived one street over and explained about sleeping naked and cupcakes at 4am. CLEARLY superior choices.
  • Oh, an obviously having a Kurt Cobain lunch box, and hearing people behind you comment on it.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surprise surprise

School has me down again, I put off doing my chem until tonight where I sat down and went all out for the 3 hour time limit of stressfull hell, not even a 60. A 57.89%, so as predicted I ruined my night and now feel shitty. I hate this, why the hell do a care so much and worst why the hell am I so fucking stupid/bad at this? I know this material, so why can I never get these assignments right?

So now I feel sick, and on the verge of tears (This doesn't make sense, but I can't not feel it and it's stupid). More stress now to do better next time with added stress of only having 3 more tries to get it right.

i hate this, but I don't know what else to do

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dalhousie-cross post

Well, I went back. This time there were people and most things were unlocked, and this time there were noises. Lots of them. Cats mostly, and crying which I couldn't identify. I'm just so pissed off at myself, doors were open and I just wouldn't go in. I mean, heck the cage cleaning room was wide open, boxes of rats right there... I couldn't even bring myself to check if they were alive or not. I feel pretty pathetic for shaking so much the whole time. I really should have checked, I mean sure the doors said do not enter authorized personal only.. but they were so open, heck I probably could have reached them without actually stepping in the room.

I shook so bad, a lot of the photos didn't turn out. Most of them are pretty bad, I took dozens and dozens of the same thing, most of which didn't turn out. Anyways, here is what I did get if people are interested.

Dalhousie Photos Animal Research

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random Facebook moments

I forgot to add alot of these so I'll look for what I can remember.
B. Amanda D: Thank you, I just finished beating Isa.
Brian V: You lie!!
B. Amanda D: I have mad apparent skills.
B. Amanda D: Never! See: (link)
Brian V: Damn, when did you get good at this? We're playing chess next.

So the moral of that one is, I beat fucking Isa at scrabble. Bamn!

And I am now bored with writing down memories.. I'll get back to it later.

Women, there is nothing like em.

The PPK entry du jour:
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Re: Joanna! And how she saved my lunch.

go college student improv cooking!!

The Penultimate Subnick
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I forgot how simple it is! Seriously this sauce cost pennies!
Joanna you rule.

Especially Joshivore
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shucks x a million. the real thanks should go to the french. who'd be utterly horrified that i veganized this, actually. all of france, the entire country, would make a sour face if you told them about it.

The Penultimate Subnick
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Not my new flatmate from france! He came down to demand what smelled so good, I handed him your book and he was very impressed!

Especially Joshivore
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B_A_D wrote:

Not my new flatmate from france! He came down to demand what smelled so good, I handed him your book and he was very impressed!


are you going to hit that?

The Penultimate Subnick
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Re: Joanna! And how she saved my lunch.

I think I lack the hitting that skills.
Although the kid is cute... and learning english.

I also dropped by the women's center, spoke with Liz and some girls. Good times to have as always, did some work, made some calls etc ect. Ate my lunch that I finally had time for.
I love that center. Seriously, if you ever feel down this is the place to go, everyone is so respectful warm and caring. Honestly, these ladies appreciated it if you fucking breathe!

Liz will go on for hours about how awesome everyone is and love you to death for doing simple things like cleaning up or answering the phone. Well you are the greatest person to have ever lived, ever.

We talked about lingerie, boycotts, she loved the make up/outfit and asked if i'd lost weight, we discussed vegan outreach and the potluck people, plus the bridges to be made and loads more.

I also left out all the awesome that was new years and chilling with Missy, Impulse, dancing, we were on the speaker boxes for a while, Chad said I was adorable and awesome, more grinding. Seen alex, and got two new years kisses... er sorta... Well Alex kissed me, cause she always does and I was speaking with Brian as the clock struck 12 (cali time) which wasn't a real kiss but much happiness none-the-less. We are also apprently hardcore for making fries from scratch at 4:30 am from potatoes.