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Saturday, March 20, 2010

PArty moments of confusion

Seriously, Party's identity issues are expanding.
First he was a lap dog, ok sure fine.

Then a cat or cat-o-weiler?

now he's a parrot or perhaps Rot-a-rot?

Don't know if you can tell based on these pictures, but this is Party my 80lbs Rottweiler sitting on my shoulder.

After slowly sliding himself over the back of my chair, from the couch 3 feet away, to slowly climb onto the top of this chair to drape himself over my shoulders before finally kicking his barely touching the couch feet and pulling himself onto the back of the chair/my head.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nanakon [ ⑨ ] is "THE STRONGEST".
[00:54] B_A_D: Also I am in the living room
[00:55] Nanakon [ ⑨ ]: Well you're in a tactically unsound position, it's your fault.
[00:55] B_A_D: T.T
[00:58] Nanakon [ ⑨ ]: You must learn to fortify your position, nomatter where you are.
[01:01] B_A_D: evidently
[01:02] Nanakon [ ⑨ ]: Well just be thankful it wasn't a glitter attack, or you would have been done for.
[01:05] B_A_D: true enough

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some msn days are better than others

B_A_D: I.... kinda want this too http://albotas.com/2010/02/dear-every-hot-girl-please-wear-this-shirt/
B_A_D: stitch them together again?
Nanakon [ ⑨ ]: Well, it does say you should wear it.. Haha..