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Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -Norman MacEwan

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Working, she ain't so bad.

Happy things:
My boots <3.
Driving in my boots.
Working in these boots
and all the reactions these boots get.
And Andrew, because he bought them.

Also coming into work today John made my day with his "Wow, someone's all dressed up today. Makes me wish I was 18 again!"
"Sorry John I don't date younger guys"
"Why how old are you?"
"Turning 19"
"Makes me wish I were 20 again, five years younger."

Shawna is my hero of the day, because she checked the schedule and saw that I was coming in and had coffee brewing when I walked in. <3
So I B-line for the coffee and John cuts me off, saying oh wow, you came down here to give me a hug, awesome. :arms open:.
"No, I was going for the coffee"
"But what the hell"

Boots=Good Mood=Good Day

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Personal messages

Allways make me happy and my inbox is full so i'll keep them all here:


im getting over a cold.. it was pretty short.. now i'm in the gross part (coughing stuff up) but feel of course tons better.. have a concert tonight so i should get up and dressed and breakfasted soon..



haha. you were actually my SECOND message!

RE:tummy ache

susie tofu monster

Thank you bad!I think im going to the doctor today...

Re:hint taken


yay! what an awesome first PM to get.Thanks



Thanks a bunch! You made my day!

HD is by far the most desireable male on the PPK


Yeah, a lot of good it's doing me...

Re: PM


ha!thank you!

Assclowns show up everywhere!


Yes, I'm an assclown now! I've made it. My day was made TWICE today! Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Re: are you kidding?


Hi,Awww thanks! What nice things to say I have received a couple now actually!Have a good weekend,mangosauce.

um.. yeese


you know more about cooking than I do I believe.Can I use regular flour instead of chickpea, or will it turn out horrible? Can I use soymilk instead of soy yogurt?

Re:re: um.. yeese


Thank you so much! The French toast was oh so delicious.

care package!

I just wanted you to know that pretty much the only thing that makes me hurl is black olives.Also, do you have trouble finding gluten flour up there?Yours is pretty much ready to go, so reply with your address.

re:re:care package!

To send. I picked up an extra bag, but if you can get it i'll put in something else.Ooo, what about the fancy peanut butters? Have you ever had those? I can get a few flavors of them:http://www.ilovepeanutbutter.com/index.cfmAs far as what I want...i'd like to try those vegan dorritos i've heard so much about! I don't know anything else that we don't get down here.

Re:re:re:re Care package!
We get Yves here, I think most of them are perishable anyway?

Mail art!
golden delicious

I'm sending you mail art!

Re: Re:mail art

golden delicious

Well hopefully the postal service won't break!

RE: Stickers are cool


Yeah, sorry, they've been taken. I have post-it notes here with people's addresses and what i'm going to send them. It's summer and I have nothing to do but work- I can definitely write or draw you something and send it haha.Either way, try to have a good day at work.



Handwritten notes are so much better, no matter how bad our handwriting is.

Not a pm but on the boards

Garrick : B_A_D your inbox is full so i used your hotmail
Mail makes me happy so send me some <3

my net is down (I'm at work)

B.A.D. 35 station rd

rothesay nb

e2e 5w3
Mail makes me happy so send me some <3

my net is down (I'm at work)

B.A.D. 35 station rd
rothesay nb
e2e 5w3