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Saturday, December 5, 2009

another ppk moments collection

Sass wrote: Fate/mods have just been tempted.

B_A_D wrote: I am perhaps the least tempting person on the boards. I live a wholesomely boring existence that is only occasionally x-rated.

Ijustdiedinside wrote: BAD you are totally not under the radar! i don't know why you don't have a custom one yet, but don't worry, we all know who you are!

me again :years of practice, you must be sure to only say funny/interesting/embarrassing things in unpopular threads that the mods are not reading. It's kind of like stealth posting really.

Realdoll thread:
'H.Dog: Oh, bullshiitake. They have only humans and elves. Where my halfling bisques at?

B_A_D wrote: I still want a halfling druid damn it.

H.Dog : I've heard they're hung like a squirrel, though.

the x-mas stollen thread getting it's yearly bump

Hoveringdog wrote: Yeah, I can't most games more recent than the last five years or so.

B_A_D wrote: I just woke up, but is there a word missing form this sentence?

h.dog :Yes, there's a word missing "form" that sentence. You wanna fight about it?

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