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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Neglect no more!

Ok, even the bad days have highlights!!!
Today's Brightest points!
  • Todd Ross kicked me in the back with his dirty (and ugly) crocs twice! With Brian's encouragement. But then while we all kept talking he brushed off all the dirt. :3
  • Ben was talking to me again :3, in both french and psychology! It was just different.. like the tone and general manner which we used to talk, before and all. It was good.
  • Katelyn and Lauren in french, and getting a 25/25 on the round table. Kcam arriving late, and siting next to me was awesome too.
  • Gwyn randomly stoping by, seriously nothing makes me feel better.
  • Gwyn and i going to SESSIONS for mochas and flaun, ok nothing makes me feel better than that, especially on a bad day :3
  • We blasted techno the whole time <3
  • And she made awesome spagettie which we went to her house to collect and now i have real food for supper!! :)
  • I have a list of todd/katelyn quotes and happy things somewheres!
  • Oh and Prepboy randomly stoped by a few nights ago and just talked for 30 mins. Allways like old times and awesome, I kinda realized how i'd forgotten about how much i enjoyed those times.
  • Right now i'm talking to my name on Trillian and it's actualy making me feel better. His parental wisdom is not only not giving me a head or making me mad, but i feel good about it

  • Oh right! and Christian had a double role today too! In the halls he said hi/made a joke about "jees amanda goign slow enough" well banging into me etc. But in one of those jokes you make to friends way, not the i'm a serious asshole way.
  • And he said he liked our animation, dispite how crapy it was.
  • Oh yeah, Todd gets another point for positive project comments and making fun of how demented the class was and mentioning our animation in perticular.
  • Brian gets another point because he said he wanted one of my grad photos.
  • .. I guess I owe Todd a point for this two because he's harrashed about them.
  • Edit again, Graeme gets a point because he had actual contact today. Walked by with a pop can while I was working and placed it on the back of my neck. Again, alot of the things today sound like bullying but when you know the people and your me it makes you smile. I basically shows that things are cool between us again (haha lame ass pun!... damn i am lame)

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