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Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -Norman MacEwan

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things that make the ticking worth it

  • My new place and having a kitchen.
  • New roommates who are sweet as pie (and old ones that were awesome too)9
  • French exchange students who see sunshine through rain and love Joanna's Vegan sauce.
  • Accidentally walking in on another french exchange guy sans pants (Not in the way that sounds, but in the joking about it later/smiles kinda way).
  • Happy french exchange student who acts like a small child on x-mas when you see him and allow him to use your camera.

photos taken while happy-go-frenchy plays with your camera

  • Nooch! and finally having some.

Finally opening old x-mas gifts (Kitchen Gizmos!)

  • And when everything FITS in the lunch box.

  • Being Outed as a vegan via cook book titles, and having it not matter.
  • Discussing AR, Veganism with a roommate who asks to borrow a documentary on the subject ^-^
  • Physics labs with the old group (minus one) and having Edgar tell me he was mad at me for not being in his bio lab. "So I was sitting there going all oh sweet, Amanda is going to be here awesome. I'll get to hang with her cause I haven't hung with her for a while, like since before break. And woah, wait no Amanda just a bench full of STRANGERS. I am so mad at you, changing your lab time. Shame"
  • Possibly having him to change to my lab.
  • Oh and seeing Khalid again who is hilarious as always
  • Edgar yelling "oh BAM what did I tell you, did you fail? no! Ha! Bam, I was right. :high five:.
  • And both gasping at my not-living on campus/shock until I told them I lived one street over and explained about sleeping naked and cupcakes at 4am. CLEARLY superior choices.
  • Oh, an obviously having a Kurt Cobain lunch box, and hearing people behind you comment on it.

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