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Monday, August 20, 2007

More PPK gold


It's just weird that there are so many stranded
islands in
this world with just one single cow on them and that people are
always dragging
vegans there. I say we get some seeds and start developing
agriculture on these
islands and maybe create a new

iloveheeze wrote:
This thread would have
been better if
it were about


oh, that's your answer to

iloveheeze wrote :No, frosting's the
answer to everything, but poop makes me laugh.


I would suckle upon the teats of a wild boar, and then
befriend a volleyball.

Pranjal <3> hey, that's my wild-boar you morlock scum!

and the island moves slowly to war.

I mean, if someone took a shiitake on
my rice I wouldn't
just pick it out.-ElusiveFishTree

Yay nudity! Er... wait..

BluePlasticStraw wrote:
Also, just for the
record, if I met a monkey on that island and the monkey made me a sandwich I
would eat it, as long as it was a vegan sandwich.
strawberryrock wrote: You're totally going to get banned

Alice_Liddell wrote: What if the monkey's one joy in life is sandwich making,
and by refusing the sandwich, you break his little monkey heart and ruin all his
monkey hopes and aspirations?I'm just saying...one time I turned away this
casserole that an emu made, and,..well, what happened...it wasn't


Re: would you eat meat if...
There was this one time
was stranded in the Arctic with just an igloo, a club and beach full of
trained the seals to lie on the beach in the shape of the word HELP.
A plane saw
it and rescued me. I always felt guilty about exploiting the

"I hope I never end up like that. I probably won't, since I have cats for
companionship, and I'm not attracted to rubber." - Akatombo

"foof, your subnick gets changed more than posts in the
boob thread." -nowhey

She meant the kind of club you beat baby seals w/ when you're stranded on a desert island w/no coffee and the baby seals are filled w/Hawaiian Kona beans.That kind of club. -Alice

Re: would you eat meat if...
Tough call. I don't know if I'd want to be responsible for sending a butt to prison. I don't think he'd have a very good time there.

Ill:do-di-do-do do-di-do-do do-di-do-do do-di-do-do

"and I will track down and beat up anyone who doesnt sig this piece of work." - that susie tofu monster bisque
"you've got to have bubble tea at least twice in your life because you probably won't like it the first time. Kind of like sex but with smaller balls." - BT

Bebop:I have a couple of dirty jokes I could make in response to this, but considering the fact that I've been up all night after getting plastered and Susie's toilet just shot water in my face (not contaminated, thankfully), I think I'm goin to leave it alone for now....

Ill: Wimp.


I wouldn't mind getting eaten on a desert island.

If you know what I mean....

Ill: How do you feel about getting eaten in a nuclear fall-out bunker?

Bebop:.....................I've been hanging out with the ppk too much for dirty internet talk. I'm losing my touch. I'm so much better in person.


Ill:Let's meet up in person then, on a cruise. A 3-hour tour, on which nothing could possibly go wrong and there's no chance of being stranded on an island.

strawberryrock wrote:Are they friendly cockroaches?
Alice_Liddell wrote:NO. The cockroaches are racists. They eat coffee filled baby seals. They beat their wives. The voted for Bush. They just called you fat.
strawberryrock wrote:forkers. They're going down. Into my belly.

Esme: i go away for 4 hours and this is all you people have done today?

strawberries: delightful bundles of yum or menacing orbs of doom?Queen Couscous

I'm one of those vegans that cuts corners when it comes to things like breastfeeding and stabbing you in the face~Pranjal

Bebop:What? Perverts? Where?

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