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Monday, August 27, 2007

PPK PMs !!

i tink you told me that before, but i'm not sure?!?!
you can explain it to me again later. I think it doesn't work with DA but oh well smile


Go here!

http://www.pro-board.com/index.php?prob … mp;act=idx

its where we moved the question thread. its a forum but were basically all administrators so theres no rules, and were not peeving anyone off!

You live in eastern Canada right? If so it's pretty forking far. Seattle is only about a three hour drive from Portland. But if you ever are in Seattle we'll hang out and maybe plan another picnic/mini gathering thing.

But yeah... many, many thanks for keeping Evan off the porch!

re:As requested

Did you get my e-mail?


I am right now going to go to bed; my kitties are demanding it.

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