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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day of the Dead

Today was the worst day of not Amanda Week If I do say so myself.
I have pictures I will post sometime.
Daily Smiles:

Mr. Ross yelling at me through the halls " Seeexxxyy Mommama!"
Mrs. Jensen telling me to shot Berentha first after making her remove the jacket to prevent it from getting stained with blood. (during the school shooting Mr. Ross predicted I would have tomorow due to the dress).

"huh? Sorry, I can't concentrate with Amanda Here" -Todd
"Yeah I know me either"-Kcam
This continues for a bit

" What you don't like being/being called dreamy?"-Mr. Ross
"well we can allways switch (refering to clothing) I like wearing dresses, as you've noticed over there years" -Todd
"Course.. that ones a little too little for me"- Todd

Ok... so mostly it was Todd teasing me

Claire chasing a roll of tape and then mauling it.
Her chewing on the screw driver until the kittens took it away.

In adam's car, with the adams and talking about how it looked as if the guy on the crane was going to bump into the power line. Adam S "that would so Fu-..awful."

I got a phone call from Master asking if I wanted to hang out this weekend.
I won at cards.
Both times

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