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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Welcome to 1984

Past memories of enjoyment which never got to see the light of paper:
Graeme saying in the car: That's stupid, why would we go to your house just to see jason and ignore you? It's rude, if I'm going to your house it's to see you.

When Ben said: Why Can't Tessa be more like you?

Every single mention Katelyn give me in her blog <3

The day andrew said I looked hot and was a looker.

The day Lee and Darcy said I looked nice

Mr. Ross saving me food

Lee talking about how sexy my boot where

Andrew buying me said boots

Geoff buying me the knife

Ben after I gave him the knife, saying it was the nicest thing anyones ever gotten him.

Mr. Ross being concerned when I was absent and checking up on me.

Gwyn making me soup when I was sick.

Mike being so thankfull about the flowers

Master getting angry when people made me sad.

Nigel talking to me and trying to convince me not to go to halifax.

Having Ben randomly show up when I was sick, and offering me pop dispite my diseasedness.

Adam's flirting with me.

Adam W "what?!?! not even if I asked you to prom?"


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