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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On not such a great day

Ben coming to class and offering to let me read his new manga, and actually talking to me a little bit.
Adam S and kcam and veronica mars! <3
Mr. Ross for showing up and ceasing Rob's discussion of fecal matter related sex acts >.>
The warm sun first period.
Finishing my english test and my media studies responces (including the one due tomorow ^-^)
The lack of supervision/work in cul tech today.
T for cheering me up in the hallway.
Zach for saying I looked pretty today and giving me a hug when I went to him and asked him to cheer me up.
Kcam for asking if I wanted something when she went to DQ and for bringing me back fries.
Internet access in school so I could blog.

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B.A.D. said...

Another random memory that makes me smile is that night when Prepboy had a little too much and pushed me when I tried to get him to stand still.
Satan got to his feet and told him "don't push her ever again"
Not sure why.... random i know