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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sometimes Bad Bad day's have the nicest moments.

My mother ditched me at work, no way home.
I just had an awful call with an idiot who ordered from another company and yelled at me forever. He was mad when I told him we were two different companies and called me a liar, sorry dude we can't merge companies and become one just cause you'd like it. WE ARE TWO DIFFERENT COMPANIES. Fork.
Anyway, someone in the other companies CS messed up and told dickwad to call here. Steve heard me talking about it went on about how it was the other agents messing up again, and then he got right on the phone and called their sup. <3
Justin offered to get off early to drive me home and and Kcam sent me an e-mail to try and go too.
Also lots of joking and kind words going on, don't remeber them all.
but i'm feeling better.
Thanks kids.

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