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Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. -Norman MacEwan

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I forgot most of today's points.

But FoodPorn and The PPK allways serve to bring smiles.
As do discussions of BDSM.
Also a woman called in and asked to place a suggestion about replacing the milk with soymilk <3
It's been a slow day and tomorow is a holiday which means I get double time in a half. :SMILES:
I'm not such a fan of this blog having a white background as when I type it has a black and well all the colours look better this way.
Also Gwyn called in to work today, which was fun and unexpected. She got me on the first try too, and is picking me up from work!! <3<3<3<3!
Course I don't wanna get fired but this one time was fun.
Also last night I got to Jason before his B-day and hung out with him and Jess which rocked. Superstore has never been so fun/cool. And Silent movie acting!
:dramatic eye bat:
I bought loads of stuff >.<>
Biker Mice From MArs for PS2!!!
And Castlevania the good one!! <3
I love getting to see them again, I also had loads of real person e-mails today (allways happy times)

So thanks 2 :

  • Adam O.
  • Mizzy G
  • Gwyn

Going to the movies tonight, first time in ages. And I really have to find a way to see adam (obviously thats what the e-mail was about) I need some way to vist him/hang out and not be akward or the other thing. Maybe i'll plan something for next week.

Also I noticed alot of stuff on this blog seems really lame/mundane/pathetic but I don't care. Getting and e-mail or a hello or whatever else isn't a big deal, but I started this blog to appreciate all the things within life and my day that make me smile or happy. And alot of those things are litte, try it yourself. You will probobly find small insignificant everyday things happen more often and make you happy, dispite how little they mean to others or how ordinary they are.

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